Line Array systems work well in many given situations.

The Line Array was invented to meet the needs of a broad range of live sound applications, mainly where sight lines for large visuals were of great importance. The Line Array’s compact nature, light weight and ease and speed of rigging saw it quickly become popular with PA manufacturers and concert organisers.

The halcyon days of live sound

But of course in recent years there has been much talk about the sound experience that was possible back in the halcyon days of the big Point Source systems.

Turbosound Flashlight created a tremendous feeling of awe gained from being fully and physically encompassed by the sound – a far more detailed human sensation than vision!

The human brain cannot memorise actual sound, but it can recall the physical effect and mental memory of emotions and feelings evoked at those live concerts and monumental dance events.

This area has become a much-debated topic between sound engineers and music producers alike on forums all over the world.

The onset of the Digital Age and modern speaker design practices

The reality is that technology in speaker manufacturing in the ever-evolving ‘Digital Age’ is now far removed from the fundamental physics of a ‘true speaker and amplifier combination’. As a result, people are forgetting – and new audiences are not experiencing – the jaw-dropping sound and feeling resonated by a true Point Source sound system.

Manufacturers of modern sound systems are extremely conscious of cost effectiveness –making their speakers smaller, lighter, and digitally compressing the sound so much that anyone can literally ‘plug and play’ through their systems with relative ease.

The return to ‘no compromise audio’

At Formidable, our experienced team believe that in many cases the overall sound experience has been drastically compromised as a result.

Yes, you can fit more on a truck with Line Arrays and you may be able to rig a bit faster, but convenience comes at a cost to sonic experience

There are big trucks out there and the Formidable crew can rig within any standard time parameter given by venues.

They will systematically tune the system to the space, ensuring every audience member is blown away by the ultimate sound experience.

New designs for efficient rigging

We have worked very hard with our experienced team to streamline the flying of our Flashlight rig.

We are pleased with the new designs and innovations that have been implemented to ensure that our system goes up in the air almost as quickly as any line array system.

Many larger events require four array hangs to get the coverage required, whereas we only need two. Over time, therefore, the speed-of-rigging debate is likely to fizzle out.

The rigging design process involved collaboration with original Turbosound designer Danny Cooklin, who accepted the challenge to improve the design, and lifting equipment specialists Technique Engineering. It also involved gaining approval for the new designs from companies such as PRG, Serious Structures and Star Events.

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