Formidable Audio understands the complexities of containing sound levels to a given perimeter and is at the forefront of this important and sensitive subject.

Live event noise pollution problems solved

With today’s festival scene and indoor venues increasingly subject to noise restraints imposed by local councils and authorities, noise pollution is a problem for many promoters – and even more so for sound companies, who strive to deliver the best sound for their artists and audiences, whilst battling against what some believe to be unworkable noise level restrictions.

At Formidable, we have the solution. We work with you and the relevant licensing authorities to achieve a system design that contains sound without compromising sonic quality. Our goal is to achieve optimal decibel levels to the audience, with the sound quite literally stopping at the prescribed boundary.

We have built up excellent and positive working relationships with licencing authorities, who welcome our approach. We also work closely with Vanguardia and other Live Event Sound Management consultancies.

To discuss how we can solve your sound management problems, please get in touch.