Reborn Turbosound Flashlight takes to the A Stage

The occasion had all the excitement of our first-ever gig – and, in many ways, it was. With our Flashlight refurbishment and upgrade project complete, it was time to put the UK’s largest hire stock of classic, meticulously renovated Turbosound Flashlight equipment through its paces on-stage.

Return of a legend

For those new to ‘the odyssey’, as we call it, we’re talking about the rebirth of Turbosound Flashlight PA systems, the legendary analogue sound equipment. This is the very same equipment used by top acts such as Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Dire Straits, Oasis et al back in the day – but now renovated and upgraded to ‘better-then-new’ concert-ready standard by the team here at Formidable Audio.

Of course, each and every one of our reborn Flashlight speakers and amplifiers had already undergone rigorous in-house testing in the Formidable warehouse. Now it was time to get the ‘new’ Flashlight inventory out there and strutting its stuff – up there, where it made its name, on the big stage.

Hello, Thurleigh!

So, off we headed from Formidable HQ in Kent for two days of real live on-stage rigging and testing at the superb ‘A Stage’ facility at Millennium Studios’ music production rehearsal facility in Thurleigh, Bedfordshire.

As I recounted in an initial report to Flashlight aficionados, it sent a chill down the spine (in more ways than one) to see those classic, ‘brand new’ blue Flashlight cabinets rolling off the artic at 8am on that first crisp, frosty morning.

Once inside, the system was in the air in next to no time, thanks to the improved and certified fly bars that have been engineered for us. As you can see from our photo above, we set up two ‘hangs’: a 6 wide x 3 deep and a 4 wide x 3 deep. We also ground-stacked some bass bins, to try out different configurations.

Rigged and ready to rock

By 11am, we were fully rigged and listening intently… and grinning from ear to ear. The results were simply stunning!

However, flying 12 per side was clearly too much for the room so we arrived at 6 per side, as the best configuration for the space. Believe me, this rig conjured up the real magic we all remember (and then some!). It’s only when you hear the Flashlight system in a real concert space that you appreciate the magic that is missing from the sound at so many of today’s live concerts.

As Millennium Studios commented on their Facebook page, “Had the very amazing Formidable Audio in this week; was awesome to listen to the incredible sound their speakers create.”

Point Source v Line Array live sound shoot-out

But we’re not done yet – we’re learning all the time and taking a real world approach. In fact, we’ll be back again at the Millennium Studios A Stage very soon. This time, we’re rigging the new Formidable Flashlight alongside Line Array systems from D&B and L’Acoustics. We’ll share our thoughts on the outcome in the very near future.

By our reckoning, after this final round of system optimisation we’ll be pretty much ready for the live launch of Formidable Flashlight. So if you share our passion for ‘no compromise live sound’, watch this space.

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