Formidable  Turbosound Flashlight Mark 3 Still

Ready to rock. Mk III Turbosound Flashlight launch video paints a powerful picture

Whoever said “A picture paints a thousand words” knew what they were talking about. You can read all you like about Formidable Audio, but nothing can beat seeing and hearing a Flashlight Mk III rig rocking out.

So, for a quick introduction to Formidable Audio – with all the excitement that surrounds a live gig – there’s no better place to start than our new video. Shot at our hugely successful launch event at London’s Troxy, it’s the ideal short introduction to Flashlight Mk III – a system from the golden age of touring, recreated for today.

View the video now – and hear the reaction of sound professionals at the event – by clicking on the link below.

A clear preference for the open, dynamic sound of Flashlight Mk III

The biggest thrill for us was the audience response to our upgrading of the iconic Turbosound Flashlight point source system. In our live demo at the launch we pitched our Flashlight Mk III rig against a D&B J series line array rig kindly supplied and set up by Eighth Day Sound.

In a post-demo poll of the listening audience, 77% preferred the sound of Flashlight Mk III. Just 10% preferred the line array, while 13% were undecided.

What the sound professionals said about Flashlight Mk III

“Flashlight exhibited a very open sound, and it didn’t sound like it had to do a lot of work to get there, either…”

“Very tight and articulate, and with no EQ.”

“[With the Flashlight] there was very good definition, especially in the top end. [Also] The bass was much punchier; it was fuller.”

“I just couldn’t believe the difference – I thought that the Flashlight system was amazing.”

Royal Blood planning to tour with Flashlight Mk III

Perhaps most exciting of all, though, was this feedback from Phil Jones, Production Manager/FOH Sound Engineer for Royal Blood:

“I love everything about this system [Flashlight Mk III]. What I love the most is how natural it is. It’s like the difference between a CD and an MP3. I cannot wait to tour this system, I genuinely think it will blow people away.”

That clear ‘letter of intent’ is extremely telling. We could gibber on all day about the rich heritage of Turbosound Flashlight and why it was the live sound system of choice for artists such as Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Dire Straits, Oasis and Iron Maiden. However, an endorsement from Royal Blood, a young band nominated for Best Live Act at the NME Awards 2016, shows very clearly that Flashlight Mk III is a sound system for today.

Watch the video, then book your own demo

In a shade over three minutes, the new Formidable Audio video speaks volumes about where live sound has come from and where it’s going. As Jazzie B of Soul 2 Soul says, “Flashlight is the future.”

To arrange your own demonstration of the Flashlight Mk III system, get in touch today. But be quick. Already 2016, and the festival season in particular, is shaping up to be very busy, so you’ll need to book early to secure your required system.

Festival season coming up fast

Finally, consider this if you are involved in specifying sound systems for a 2016 music festival. The last time that Glastonbury festival didn’t receive any noise complaints from the surrounding area was in 2002 – the last year that a Flashlight system was deployed there!

To find out more or to arrange a demo, please contact:
Joe Turner, Formidable Audio:
Office: +44 (0)1892 686018  Mobile: +44(0)770 234 9534

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