Formidable Audio launch event: Troxy London, Monday 23 November 2015

Following two hugely successful Flashlight versus Line Array ‘shoot-outs’ on the A Stage at Millennium Studios and some final sonic optimisation, we’re ready to officially unleash Turbosound Flashlight for the 21st century.

At the Formidable Audio launch event later this month you’ll be able to hear for yourself what all the fuss is about. Excitement levels are running high, not least because pro sound luminaries such as Danny Cooklin, Pete Brotzman, George McKechnie and David Cole have all been involved in the project — and all believe that our meticulously refurbished and upgraded Flashlights offer the kind of detail, dynamics, punch and sheer musicality that’s been missing from live sound for far too long.

Launch event details

Where: The Troxy, 490 Commercial Road, London, E1 0HX
When: Monday 23 November from 4pm
Attendees: A select invited audience of pro sound and production company professionals, plus other special guests.
Event format: A showcase recreation of the Millennium A Stage shoot-out. The Formidable Audio team will demonstrate its Mk. III Turbosound Flashlight system side-by-side with the best of modern Line Array to answer the question: which system delivers the best sonic experience for the audience?

What’s the point? Hasn’t analogue had its day on the big stage?

2015 has been a stellar year for live music — but when acts such as AC/DC and David Gilmour succumb to Line Array systems, doesn’t that signal the end for analogue sound systems at major live gigs?

Well, the point is this – live music events are dominated by Line Array systems, but very often these systems are chosen for their convenience, not for their ability to thrill and move an audience. What’s more, there’s little to choose between the big three Line Array manufacturers and, as a result, audiences are confronted with digitally sanitised versions of their favourite acts. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A brief history of Formidable’s new Turbosound Flashlight

In a world where vinyl sales are resurgent and analogue is cool, we believe an alternative to Line Array systems is long overdue, especially when that alternative has the potential to thrill audiences and empower sound engineers.

That’s exactly why Formidable Audio embarked on its ‘Flashlight Reborn’ project. First we searched the world and put together the finest Flashlight collection to be found anywhere. Then over more than two years we meticulously refurbished and upgraded our Flashlight loudspeakers to ‘better-than-new’ 21st century standards, complete with driver upgrades from Precision Devices, personally overseen by Turbosound co-founder Tony Andrews.

A viable alternative to Line Array systems? You be the judge

Our launch event provides a unique opportunity to audition our Mk. III Turbosound Flashlight alongside an equivalent sized, independently configured Line Array system running at equal decibel levels.

It’s a great chance to judge for yourself which system is more convincing — and which reflects better on the sound and production team, and the band or artist

An invitation-only event for sound and production professionals

If you’re in the industry and on our mailing list, you should have received your launch invitation already by email. However, if you’ve slipped through the net and would like to attend, please get in touch quickly and we can look to add your name to our guest list.

We look forward to seeing you for what promises to be an illuminating event at this beautifully restored Art Deco live music venue.

To find out more, please contact:
Joe Turner, Formidable Audio:
Office: +44 (0)1892 686018   Mobile: +44(0)770 234 9534

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