Formidable has an extensive and growing hire stock of Turbosound Flashlight TFS 780H mid-high packs, Turbosound Floodlight TFS 760 mid-high packs, Turbosound TMS3s, Turbosound TSW 721 bass cabinets and BSS amp racks.

All units have been expertly renovated and upgraded to as-new, concert-ready condition. In this section we offer a brief insight into the painstaking but thoroughly fulfilling Flashlight refurbishment project.


6.5-inch driver

All the 6.5-inch drivers have had an amazing makeover by Precision Devices with support from Turbosound co-founder Tony Andrews. Precision Devices, of course, was originally founded in 1987 to cover the loudspeaker manufacturing requirements of Turbosound.

BMS 4540 compression driver

The original 1-inch compression drivers have been replaced with the incredible BMS 4540 compression drivers and new component designs were manufactured in oak to house the new 1-inch drivers.

All 21-inch bass drivers were removed, checked, polished and oiled. A few needed a re-cone (courtesy of David Cole). They were then re-gasketed and replaced using all-new stainless steel bolts, ensuring all baffle boards were consistently tight and flat.

All bass cabinet hatches were removed and existing fixing points in the cabinet dowelled and glued ready for new stainless fixings to ensure complete air tightness.

Woodwork, metalwork and cabinet finishes and fittings

We spent three months with world-leading paint and specialist coatings manufacturer Sayerlack developing our own paint. The end result: still the classic ‘Turbo Blue’ colour, but now far more hardwearing, flexible and chip- and scar-resistant, and with a more uniform raised texture on the cabinet that is extremely ‘grippy’ and therefore ideal for riggers to pick up and stack.

All the woodwork was taken back to bare wood and repaired, filled and smoothed where necessary before repainting.

Similarly all metalwork had the old paint removed, was taken back to bare metal, and powder-coated anew.

Every cabinet was meticulously cleaned and any blemishes removed.
All cabinets were given four coats of new paint, finishing with the final, textured, non-slip coat in our own custom-built spray booth.
Brand new wheels were also fitted to all cabinets and amp racks and the Velcro used to keep the doors closed was replaced.

Cones/waveguides, beading, wadding and grilles

All nose cones/waveguides were removed, refurbished and replaced with new zinc-plated stainless steel fixings.
All-new beading was cut, mitred, drilled, countersunk and painted before fitting with new zinc-plated stainless steel screws.

All old acoustic damping was removed and replaced with modern acoustic wadding.

All grilles were acid-dipped to remove old paint and corrosion and then powder-coated.
All-new grille gauze was applied, expertly fitted with a 10mm overlap around the grille edges before fitting to ensure that there is no gauze slippage.

BSS amps

The top-end amps that make our Turbosound speakers sing, meanwhile, were the subject of their own refurbishment programme carried out by George McKechnie, former BSS engineer and now main man at dBA.UK

George set up dBA.UK in 2002 to continue to support the BSS product range while also offering world-class repair and consultancy services across a range of equipment for the Pro Audio industry. In addition George has engaged in major sound productions in recent years at events such as the Millennium Dome Central Show, The Queen’s Jubilee at Buckingham Palace and the Party in Hyde Park.

Here George tells the story of the BSS amps and Flashlight refurb project from his perspective as one of the live sound sector’s most experienced technical service and support specialists.