Mixing desks are very rider specific.

We own a Midas H3000 48 channel analogue mixing console and a smaller Midas Venice F analogue/digital hybrid mixing 32-channel console with FireWire. We typically use Yamaha PM5D digital mixing console for monitors. However, we can source any mixing desk that our clients require.

We have tested many digital desks available today for sound quality. We have found the differences between them are remarkable– not just in sonic performance but also in usability and ability to support the sound mixer’s intuition.

We continue to try out digital boards in our warehouse, but as yet are still undecided as to which, if any, we should commit to buying at this stage.

Many of today’s FOH engineers use digital boards and we are more than happy to supply and meet any rider requirements.

When a digital board is used with a modern ‘digitized’ line array system, there is inevitably a build up of digital compression resulting in a ‘squashed’, almost MP3-like sound. This is a sound that so many are now accustomed to. By contrast, when you plug a digital board into our Flashlight system, you will not believe the difference in audio quality, clarity and sheer physical energy.

All analogue/digital consoles can be supplied as per rider at very competitive rates, to meet your specifications.

To discuss how we can work together to deliver that kind of matchless performance, please get in touch.